Prices vary depending on choices – Will the student attend one session or more than one session? Will the student commute or stay in-residence?


Fees are the same for the 2 high school debate programs:

Residential student – $1,450

Commuting student – $900

Fees for the longer leadership/professional communication are the following:

Residential student – $1,750

Commuting student – $1,100


Sessions 1,  2
These sessions have the same registration fee:

Residential student – $1,300

Commuting student – $800

Session 3 – SuperSession
This program adds instruction, practice, and full tournament:

Residential student – $1,600

Commuting student –$1,050



All payments are by check or money order to “Claremont McKenna College.” International students may wire payments. Please contact John Meany,, for information on wire transfers.

Payments are due in full by the registration deadline. This is the final date by which payment should be received. Payment should be included with the application form.

The deadline for programs scheduled to begin before July 15 is May 19.

The deadline for programs scheduled to begin after July 15 is June 16.

Do not staple checks or money orders to registration documents (attach with a paper clip).


There are no program refunds. Payment is good for a calendar year and may be used for 2017 Claremont Summer programming. If a student is unable to attend the 2017 program, the applicant will receive a voucher certificate for the value of the 2017 program that may be applied in 2018.


APPLICATIONS AND PAYMENT ARE ONLY ACCEPTED BY MAIL. Applications and payments may not be delivered by hand to Claremont McKenna College or to any person other than John Meany. This is done to ensure that applications and payments are received and students properly registered.

To ensure that your documents and payment are received and recorded properly, please address them to:

John Meany
Director of Forensics
Claremont McKenna College
500 E. 9th Street
Claremont, CA  91711



A completed application includes 3 documents – the Common Application, the Middle School or High School Program Application, and payment.

Only hard copies of documents may be used for registration. No electronic submission is permitted.

Please check your application to ensure that all signatures and initials are complete. Forms require signatures for both parents or sole custodial parent for applicants under the age of 18 years.

Please contact John Meany,, if you are unable to complete your application by the deadline. It may be possible to receive an extension but this requires the approval of the college conference office and space may not be available.

To register for Claremont Summer, please do the following:

1. Complete the Common Application
(required of all applicants)

The Common Application is required for all Claremont Summer programs. The Common Application includes the following forms:

  • Participant Agreement
  • Medical Information Form
  • Commuter and Housing Forms
  • Debate & Leadership Experience Forms

2. Complete the Middle School and/or High School Program Application
(select your summer program)

The Program Application registers a student for one or more summer sessions. The Middle School and High School Program Applications include:

  • Contact Information
  • Program Selection

3. Complete payment – Payment is by check to ‘Claremont McKenna College

4. Attach the documents (payment on top, use a paperclip – DO NOT STAPLE)

5. Mail the completed application to arrive by your deadline date

  • Friday, May 19 (for programs with a start date before July 15 – MS1, MS2, International HS, Leadership Communication)
  • Friday, June 16 (for programs with a start date after July 15 – MS3, National HS HSPDP/CHSSA)

6. Remember to address the application to John Meany!

John Meany
Director of Forensics
Claremont McKenna College
500 E. 9th Street
Claremont, CA  91711



COMMON APPLICATION – Required of All Applicants



CDLI.2017.Middle School Application.Updated


CDLI.2017.High School Application.Updated


4 Comments on “Application/Fees

  1. Hi , I would like to register my son for MS3 -Middle school super session. Is registration still accepted?

    • I am able to accept a few students for the third middle school session. Please immediately send the following information by email, Student’s full name, decision about commuting or staying on campus in residence. Please complete the common application and program application forms and mail them and payment to arrive no later than July 23. If that is not possible, please note that in your email and you will other receive instructions.

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