UPDATE! Due to Covid-19, all summer sessions are available as synchronous  online programs. No on-campus summer programs are scheduled for 2021.
DO NOT USE THIS SITE! Of course, there is information that might give perspective on programming and one may review it but PLEASE USE INFORMATION FOR SUMMER 2021 ONLINE PROGRAMS AT

Online programs will still include middle school and high school debate, middle school scholars, and high school leadership communication programs. Online dates will differ from on-campus programs.

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You will receive an email about 3 weeks prior to the start of your session confirming the drop-off location for program registration and dormitory for residential students, as well as sites for nearby parking.

The opening day registration time is the same for all middle school and high school sessions. Students arrive on the first day of their program between 12:00-2:00 PM. Please do not arrive prior to 12:00 PM; campus facilities are not available until that time (please email for arrangements if you must arrive earlier due to your air flight schedule). Have lunch before arrival; dinner is the first meal of the day on the arrival day.

There is a campus map to locate dorms, available online ( There is a welcome reception during registration; campus tours for participants begin at 2:00 PM. Families depart at that time.


Program Departure for All Students

The primary program departure for all sessions is the evening prior to the final listed session date (e.g., for a program scheduled from July 17-24, the primary departure is in the evening of July 23, 5:00-8:00 PM. Academic programming concludes at 5:00 PM that day. For travel convenience, students may request permission to stay until the following morning (final departure day, or, in the hypothetical example, July 24), the last listed date for a program and the final departure date. The substantial majority of students depart the previous evening, during the primary departure time.

Please contact John Meany, no later than one week before the start of your program to request a stay on the final night. Final departure for all guests is 9:00-10:00 AM on the final listed date of a program (e.g., the dorm must be empty and returned to campus facilities for other summer programming by 10:00 AM on that day).

Daily Departure for Commuters

Commuting students depart at 8:50 PM on the opening day and any time between 5:00-8:50 PM on subsequent days. Commuting students may stay for dinner and optional evening instructional and recreational programming every day of their program. The 5:00-8:50 PM time block is for the convenience of families who might need to make different decisions each day about evening pick-up due to other activities and programs, scheduling activities and appointments for siblings, work schedules, etc. All commuting students must depart by 9:00 PM or must be charged as residential students.


Please contact John Meany,, if you require special arrival or departure times or have conflicts during the program (e.g., doctor’s appointment). It is possible to accommodate slightly later arrivals and early departures without interfering with a student’s instructional programming. It is quite common for a small number of students to arrive after 2:00 PM on the opening day or even on the second day of a session, particularly those with personal and travel scheduling conflicts. Staff are assigned to register and integrate late arriving students. It is not possible to accommodate requests for early arrival or late departure – conference space is only available during the listed times for the summer programs. Facilities, including dormitory spaces, are strictly regulated for other summer programs scheduled at Claremont McKenna College.



If you are traveling by air, make arrangements to fly to LA/Ontario Airport (in Ontario, only 10-15 minutes from Claremont). If you fly to LAX, you may want to contact us for information on ground transportation – Claremont is about 35 miles east of Los Angeles. Taxi and shuttle transportation from LA/Ontario Airport is approximately $30-35 to the Claremont McKenna College campus.

The summer institute will not transport students in private vehicles (it is possible that arranged transportation may include private hire vehicles, e.g., Uber/Lyft). You may request that a member of the staff meet you at Ontario Airport. Contact John Meany,, at least one week prior to your arrival to make this request.

If you request an escort to the campus, about a week prior to your flight, institute staff will contact you. At that time, you will give the flight itinerary and cell phone contact information for the traveler(s) and parents; you will receive the name and cell phone number of the staff member meeting the traveler(s) at the airport, as well as at leas one additional institute staff contact cell phone number.

There is a central stair/escalator/elevator exit for passengers arriving at Ontario Airport. Passengers from all gates move through the same exit to the baggage claim and ground transportation. The staff member will meet the traveler(s) at the bottom of the stairs/escalator/elevator but everyone will have cell phone information to ensure timely contact.

After meeting, the staff member will travel with the student via public transportation or private car hire (Uber) to the campus and registration. The same service is available for departure. There is a flat rate for the service, which includes the cost of public transportation (shared van or taxi). The cost is $40 for one-way transportation and $75 for round trip, generally the cost of airport transportation. This service is only available for those using Ontario Airport.


If you are driving to Claremont, take I-10 to Indian Hill Boulevard. Proceed north for approximately 2 miles to 6th Street. Right on 6th Street. Park in the lot at the intersection of 6th Street and Mills. If closer parking is available, you will be notified about 2 weeks prior to the start of your program.

No parking permit or fee is required. Please follow appropriate parking signs and city regulations (do not stop in fire lanes; do not park in loading or disabled parking spaces without an official placard, etc.)

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