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  • High School Leadership/Professional Communication

      2017 SESSION – JULY 8-17   The summer program offers advanced communication training for academic and career success. The Claremont program uses the same instructional sessions, practice exercises, and curricular materials now used by higher education institutions, non-profit… Read More

  • International High School Debate

     2017 SESSION – JUNE 17-24  The Claremont Summer program prepares US and other high school students for International Public Debate Program (IPDP) and international debate programming (e.g., World Schools Debating Championship format events). Claremont’s IPDP is the largest and… Read More

  • High School Debate (HSPDP/CHSSA)

     2017 SESSION – July 17-24   The Claremont program offers more in a single week than many 2-week summer debate programs offered in the US and abroad. John Meany, the summer program director and principal instructor, developed the… Read More

  • Middle School Debate (MSPDP)

     2017 SESSIONS Session 1 – June 19-24 Session 2 – July 6-11 Session 3/SuperSession – July 26-August 2 The training prepares students for Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) and Youth Public Debate Program (5th/6th grade leagues; the… Read More