Middle School Scholars


June 7-11

July 21-24 

The Claremont Summer program prepares middle school students entering 5th-6th grades in Fall 2020 for academic and career success with public speaking, argumentation, classroom discussion, multimedia (PowerPoint and Prezi) presentation, and student club and organization leadership training. The sessions include non-fiction essay support from the staff of Claremont McKenna’s Center for Writing and Public Discourse. This program is modeled on the highly successful Debate Union initiatives for professional communication training and the high school Civics in Action leadership program. 

The June session provides comprehensive professional communication training. The July session offers full accelerated instruction in a shorter schedule to make it more convenient for students to participate in the scholars program and the final middle school debate session (SuperSession with tournament). 

The Scholars program is scheduled to make it convenient for students to attend this session and a following debate session.




Summer programs are for in-residence and commuter students. Students entering 5th-8th grades (ages 10-14) in Fall 2018 are eligible to participate. The session is appropriate for new and experienced students. Each session includes small group instruction, elective classes, and practices with certified instructors.




The summer program provides comprehensive leadership and professional communication training. The event prepares students for classroom discussions and presentations, interviews and internships, club/organization management, and team leadership. Students participating in the Scholar sessions receive small group instruction and elective course instruction (4-1 student-faculty ratio) in public speaking, argumentation, refutation, topic-based research, multimedia presentation, and essay writing. In addition, students participate in performances critiqued by program/institute certified evaluators and field professionals.

There is optional/elective time for student-directed learning, including elective courses and open forum sessions. Students have the opportunity to have their questions answered at the end of each day in open forum sessions. They can also get a jump-start on the following day’s activities, have extended theory and practice discussions, learn about advanced public speaking and other presentation methods.