UPDATE! Due to Covid-19, all summer sessions are available as synchronous  online programs. No on-campus summer programs are scheduled for 2021.
DO NOT USE THIS SITE! Of course, there is information that might give perspective on programming and one may review it but PLEASE USE INFORMATION FOR SUMMER 2021 ONLINE PROGRAMS AT

Online programs will still include middle school and high school debate, middle school scholars, and high school leadership communication programs. Online dates will differ from on-campus programs.

Where are program fees listed?

Program fees are on the Application/Fees page. Simply check options on the program application and add the items to produce a total registration fee.

Can my child select a roommate?

Yes. There is a housing form. It is included with the Common Application. Students can identify a roommate on that form. The choice must be mutual. In other words, John Doe must select James Doe and James Doe must select John Doe on their respective housing forms. Students need to coordinate roommates and get agreement about sharing a room – they should not list another student’s name without that person’s agreement.

The dormitories have a mix of single and double rooms. If there are not enough double rooms to accommodate roommate requests, students will be assigned to adjacent single rooms.

When is student departure from a session?

IMPORTANT DEPARTURE INFORMATION! The first listed date is the arrival date and the last listed program date is the final departure day. There is limited academic and orientation programming on the arrival day and NO instruction on the final day, the last listed program date. In fact, the last listed date for a session is a secondary departure day. Academic programming ends on the second to last date of a program and the PRIMARY DEPARTURE TIME is that evening.

For example, for the second middle school debate program from July 6-11, arrival is July 6, 12:00-2:00 PM and the primary departure is July 10, 5:00-8:50 PM. All commuter students officially check-out at this time. There are a few residential students unable to depart on the second to last date, usually due to airline schedules. Those students are welcome to stay until the following morning. Final Departure for any remaining student is by 10:00 AM on the last listed date, in this case, July 11.

If a student needs to stay until the last listed date for a session, please contact John Meany,, at least 1 week prior to the departure date.

Are there any 3-person rooms?

Sorry. All rooms are for one or two people. Or, Good news! All rooms are for one or two people.

What is the closest airport?

Students should fly to Ontario Airport. It is approximately 12-15 minutes from the campus.

Will you transport my child from the airport?

Students are not permitted to be transported in private vehicles. Upon request from a parent, a member of the summer program staff will travel to Ontario Airport, meet an arriving student, and accompany the student to the dormitory. It is possible to arrange similar transportation to the airport at the end of the program. There is a flat rate for the service, which includes the cost of public transportation (shared van or taxi). The cost is $40 for one-way transportation and $75 for roundtrip.

Requests for this service should be made one week prior to the arrival day. The parent will provide the traveling student’s flight itinerary and cell phone number and a parent’s cell phone number and will receive the cell phone number of the staff member traveling to the airport to ensure a timely meeting.

Will my child need any formal clothing during the institute?

More formal clothing is unnecessary for debate sessions. Students attending the high school leadership/professional communication program should have business attire for 2 presentations. Middle school students will not need business attire for Scholars sessions. In general, students should dress comfortably and casually.

Are snacks available for purchase during the day?

The institute provides snacks and beverages (primarily water) throughout the day. There is no charge. Students may bring snacks and water from home (sugary drinks are discouraged – the day is long and students get tired if they consume too much sugar and, of course, the drinks make a mess if spilled). Students bringing snacks should be mindful of other student food allergies, particularly peanuts.

If my child decides to add an additional program during the summer, is it possible? 

Many students choose to stay for an extra week of programming, sometimes two weeks, after participating in an early summer session. There are a few spaces reserved for students who want to add programming. But these spaces might not remain available; it is a good idea to act quickly once programs are underway to secure participation in a later session. To make arrangements to do it, please contact John Meany.

May I mail a letter or package to my child?

Yes. The summer mailing address is included on the Campus Life page. Please remember that mail delivery is to the college mailroom. It takes an additional day to deliver mail from the conference office to the program. In addition, there is no campus mail handling on Saturday or Sunday. Please allow sufficient time for receipt of your letter or package. Packages may be received one week in advance of the start date of a program.

Is it possible to visit and watch any of the instructional sessions or debates?

It is not possible to do that. For student safety, the primary buildings for the program are secure – only students, program staff, and college personnel (e.g., dormitory housekeeping staff) are permitted. Parents and family for commuting students may meet their child in the main lounge of the program dormitory but are not permitted on residential floors. In addition, guest observers intimidate students in instructional sessions. Students are less likely to voice opinions, answer questions, or try new strategies and tactics if they are observed.

This policy applies to any debate tournaments and award sessions held during summer debate and leadership sessions. If it is possible to arrange for select classrooms for observation, it will be announced in a blog post on this page prior to a program. This does not guarantee that one would see a particular student, team, or leadership presentation, only that typical events would be available for public viewing.

During the academic year, events sponsored by the Claremont Colleges Debate Union, including debate tournaments and academic conferences and other professional communication events are ‘open’ events and guests may observe performances.

May I take my child to dinner? Or to a doctor appointment? Or to another school activity?

Yes. This must be arranged with John Meany, It has always been the case that families have many activities, appointments, and conflicts and some inevitably clash with the summer institute schedules. It is not a problem to manage those conflicts. Staff are made available for any make-up work so that students do not miss anything when away from the program.

May I visit my child or authorize a visit for a relative or family friend while my child is on campus?

Yes. A parent may contact John Meany to arrange a time for a student to meet with family or friends (e.g., dinner with grandparents visiting the area).